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The Advantages of Being a White Male Professor



So several weeks ago, the CEU Weekly decided to publish Professor Plaut’s “ecomonics primer for the occupiers”, despite their self-stated disagreement with the content. The issue can be read here:–issue-12 This was our response. 30 posters all over CEU, every single one got taken down within a couple of days.

Call for submissions: Language and censorship



CALL for SUBMISSIONS!!!!!!!! For all those who have been following our lovely Q? zine, you may have noticed that the previous issues did not really have a set theme; but now we are trying out something new! (just for the sake of shaking AND shaping it up a bit ;). The umbrella theme for the […]

Q? | Zero Issue | September 2011



As promised, here is the zero issue for free download! for web/screen viewing: zeroissue-web and if you want to print it (double-sided, A4): zeroissue-print Read it, rant about it, share it! much love, cheburashka, cyborg monkey & misterlady

All set up!



The nice white-and-purple of this site is a nice relaxing change from the horror of the CEU Residence Center facebook wall, these past few days. :p The PDF copy of the Q? zine’s zero issue should be ready for download in a couple of days, and soon to follow, a call for submissions! (which will […]