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NO TAV movement again under attack – International call for solidarity



NO TAV movement again under attack For twenty years in mountains of North West Italy, not far from Torino, a powerful movement has grown that has resisted the Italian government’s plan to build a high velocity railroad, which in addition to being very costly and economically useless would certainly destroy the mountain environment. Over and […]

No Pinkwashing! Queers for Palestine!



Wednesday 22.05.2013 h. 7pm @Klit RQAC and Allies invite you to discuss a topic of primary importance for our understanding of values and politics: the political strategy of pinkwashing. This term refers to the Israeli strategy of covering its violations of Palestinians’ human rights and illegal occupation of Palestine through an apparent openness toward gay…



Sunday 24.02.2013 from 5pm At KLIT What is Postpornography? On Sunday we we hope to finally answer this question by screening the documentary movie “Mi sexualidad es una creación artística”, directed by Lucía Egaña Rojas (46 min). It is a documentary movie about the Postporn movement in Barcelona. If you want to get a pretaste…

RQAC in pics!



Slide Show by Whitney Stark!

From Italy: an analysis and a story about the ongoing evictions in the city of Bologna.



In Bologna, Italy, three social centers, or squats, or occupied community spaces, are under eviction at the same time. As a matter of fact liberated spaces are living the same fate everywhere, due to the neoliberalization of left-wing values somewhere, or to neoliberalization in general. I, hercanvas, come from Bologna and live in Budapest, where […]

KLIT: October Program



KLIT: An Intimate Opening / KLIT: Egy meghitt megnyitó



Egy queer-feminista aktivista közösségi tér Csütörtök 2012. október 11. Nyitás 16:00-kor: Gyere és ismerd meg a helyet, tudj meg többet projektjeinkről! A dekonstruált Coming Out Monológok @ 20:00 After-party a Pepita Oféliában @ 22:00 DJ Vida Vera Az esti queer menü: Ínycsiklandozó falatok a Kakadu Kitchen jóvoltából, adományért Infoshop (könyvtár) Szolidaritás a pussy riottal Ön-gyönyör: […]

Sounds of the KLIToris// A KLITorisz hang jai – 26/09/2012



Pepita Ofelia (Klauzal ter 5) Wednesday, September 26th  19.00 … – A Fundraiser Concert for our soon-to-be opening Feminist Space!!!// Adománygyűjtő koncert a hamarosan nyíló feminista tér számára!!!   ***Featuring special performances by Lela, Barbara, Agnieszka, Frank, and Emily; plus some of RQAC’s new hit songs!*** *** A következő fellépőkkel: Lela, Barbara, Agnieszka, Frank, és […]

Afterpride Chillout Party! Budapest July 7th 2012



By LABRISZ+Pannonian Lesbian Navy & RQAC >FB Event Afterpride chill-out With international and local activists at Pepita Ofelia bar from 7 pm, right after the pride march address: Klauzál tér 5. how to get there: Kossuth tér – Falk Miksa utca – tram 4/6 from Jászai Mari tér to Király utca – Dob utca – […]

Pride in Budapest 2012



Budapest Pride 2012: website                                             facebook event Festivals. Cinema. Events. The March. We will be there! Find the PINK BLOC!!!