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Feminist Self Defense Trainings (FSD) is a project by Radical Queer Affinity Collective from Budapest known mostly for the activist community space Klit (opened from October 2012 until June 2014). The project is funded by Frida – the young feminists’ fund, and aims at community’s capacity building.

This is a continuation of the small series of trainings already started the last year.

Persons involved in those training came up with consensus on some basic requirements for FSD:

  • regarding the training group:

consists of about 14 persons max.; the group is women, trans and non-binary, just as well, the group includes non-binary/genderqueer persons, but is excluding cis men. The participants can provide translation to hun so english language knowledge is not a prerequisite. Our target groups are radical feminist, lesbian feminist, queer feminist/ trans feminist or feminist activists in Budapest.

  • regarding the trainings:

Trainings are offered for free. The trainings combine verbal, physical and mental level of self-defense. No previous knowledge is required but a strong motivation and clear feminist awareness about gender based violence. The space we are creating during the training is a safer space for the ones involved. Ideally we practice once a month with trainers (weekends only).

  • regarding the trainers:

As feminists we respect other feminist’s work and want to support it economically too, so we want to offer some symbolic fee to our trainers, host them and cover their travel costs (from Vienna so far). The trainers with whom we will work have various (martial arts) backgrounds but more or less deal with wen do school of feminist self-defense for women* only. Check some basic stuff about the training on this rather classical website: http://www.wendo.ca/home.php

  • regarding building a safer space:

We want to create a safer space that contrasts with the overpresent oppressive norms of mainstream society. A space which is safer and includes and prioritizes the voices and experiences of marginalized groups of persons, while specifically excluding opinions and actions that would cause harm to other participants and perpetuate oppressive norms. Certain gestures and language will not be tolerated, pertaining to classism, racism, xenophobia/nationalism, sexism and misogyny (including slut and whore shaming, including anti-sexwork stances), homo- and biphobia, cisheterosexism, transphobia, asexual erasure, ableism, lookism and speciesism. Everyone’s chosen name and pronoun must be respected. Everyone’s personal boundaries must be respected. Also, we realize that at times the subject matter might get heavier and triggering for any of us, as survivors. Therefore we would kindly ask all participants to respect everyone’s specific needs regarding this matter.

1st FSD TRAINING MEETING, from 10th and 11th of January 2015

Saturday, 10th and Sunday, 11th of January at 11h until 16h (with a lunch break)

with rada and suse from vienna

we are a part of one wendo group (feminist self-defense) in vienna that is training together for about five years. we both have longer experience with training feminist self-defense. suse has done a long traning for a wendo trainer.

We are maybe not “professionals” (or we don’t see ourselves as such), but we would really like to share our knowledge and train together with you! our invitation politix is womyn, lesbians and trans*

At the weekend, we want to practice different techniques of self defense in a broad sense. This includes training of awareness of your own personal boundaries and how to protect them, to train how to defend yourself from sexist, homo/lesbophob, racist assaults verbally as well as physically, to train some practical and simple blocking and attacking skills and to get empowered by your own possibilities.

There is no previous knowledge required.

Please bring comfortable clothes, yoga mats and your own vegan food with you!

2nd FSD TRAINING MEETING: on 14th and 15th of February 2015

Registration details:

If you are a feminist activist, you can attend the training only by interest priorly sent to email: mr.maja.pan@gmail.com
Upon registration you will receive the following up data; exact time, location (SAFETY – please never publish the address publicly!) etc. If you are coming from a group, for the sake of simplicity you are asked to register only once and as a group, indicating your number and names respectively. If you can attend only one training indicate it although attendance to both trainings throughout the weekend is strongly encouraged for the trust, confidence and continuation process’ created within the group.


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