New Ways To Resist: Statement about the closing of KLIT

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At first we were shocked when we received an e-mail from our landlord saying that he kicks us out. But thanks to the great efforts of those involved and the generous support from comrades from afar, we collectively decided let go of the space and find new ways of resistance.

On the evening of June 2nd, after a week of cleaning, we removed the (in)famous ‘K’ sign and left behind the space that is/was known as:


We suffered through months from our neighbour’s harassment, and are currently relieved from her daily oppressive outbursts. That space, being so intensely threatened by the neighbour and increased rate of police visits was no longer safe for us. So we made a collective decision to move on.

script neighbour

(one of our many strategies)

KLIT was primarily designed to function as a safer space, which apparently gave us a “bad reputation” in some activist circles…

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