RQAC’s statement on the police invasion of the DragQ 2.0 show in Sirály

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The Radical Queer Affinity Collective decided to hold the DragQ 2.0 (a Drag Queer Show in support of KLIT /a queer feminist community space) in the cultural center Sirály as a political choice to express solidarity with our comrades. Sirály and its cultural association have been targeted by the local government, the police and “private security” in the last month in order to repress the culture and activism that spreads from there: anti-governmental, antifascist, anti-sexist/racist and anti-homo/trans/lesbophobic. For a fascist regime the existence of this culture is already a threat in itself, as much as the existence of non-normative bodies and minds.
One day before an anti-Fidesz protest, in the middle of the night, at 12.15 am, 30 cops raided Sirály and interrupted the show for what they called a “routine check”. They forced everybody (more than 100 people) out in the snow to wait until they identify everybody. The head of the association that holds Sirály has been taken away for interrogation. The police officers tried to make more problems for non-Hungarian citizens.

At the end of the identification, the party re-started even louder: we are not scared! We are here we are queer we are fabulous…don’t mess with us!
In solidarity with Sirály, and all the allied.

!No Pasaran!

Let’s keep spreading counter-culture!

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