Make the abortion pill available in Hungary!

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Women in Hungary have had their right to choose taken away.
For decades, the choice between medical and surgical abortion has been available to millions of women around the world. As of September 2012 in Hungary, thanks to the administration’s political stance on abortion, women no longer have the right to choose medical abortion. Abortion is a difficult decision. Every woman deserves the right to choose the method. Support Hungarian women’s right to choose.
Make the abortion pill available in Hungary!
Abortion is a difficult decision, and it is important for each woman to make her own decision about the procedure. We demand that the government make the abortion pill available within the state healthcare system so that women can choose which method of abortion they want to use.
Support the right of women in Hungary to choose!
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Use of the abortion pill, under the guidance of a doctor, would make it possible to terminate a pregnancy up to the eighth week. This method much less puts much less of a burden on the woman than surgical abortion does. Its use is supported by the WHO, the UN World Health Organization, and the Hungarian Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Although the National Health Institute granted permission for the distribution of the pill in May of 2012, the government health ministry, claiming that the use of the pill caused a large and unresolvable debate among OB/GYN professionals, decided that the pill would not be brought to Hungary, distributed, or covered by national health insurance. The ministry was not able to answer the question of what forum this debate occured.
For this reason, the pill is not currently available in Hungary. A private clinic in Budapest, which received permission to import the drug, was able to provide access to the pill, but under political pressure, the clinic had to suspend this service. Since then, the number of women traveling abroad for medical abortion has grown, with most women traveling to Austria to undergo the procedure. At one well-known clinic in Vienna, four to six Hungarian women arrive every week to terminate their pregnancy. The primary reason they go to the clinic in question is to be able to choose medical abortion.
The abortion pill was introduced in the 1980s, and it is available in 37 countries in the world, including the United States and China. In France and Sweden, the majority of abortions are performed using this method.
It is not the case that medical abortion is always preferable, or that surgical abortion is a barbaric procedure from a century ago. Medical abortion is a medical question and an issue affecting the woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy. Women who choose medical abortion offer two reasons for their choice: (1) they see it as offering more likelihood that they will be able to get pregnant later; (2) it is important for them to stay conscious and in control of their bodies during the procedure.
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