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New Workshop! Come check it out, Wednesday, 20. February 2013 at 19.00:

“Coming home to the body: grounding and empowerment through movement”

KLIT invites you to participate in an exploratory dance workshop where
we will seek to employ contemporary dance principles towards bodily
empowerment. The workshop will focus on coming back home to the body, by
getting to know it and finding strategies to take care of it, and how we
can find grounding through movement, whereby we find our own safe spaces
inside our bodies. Participants do not need to have any prior experience
in dance, but should be open to movement and creative sensations. The
workshop will be facilitated by Luiza Moraes, a Brazilian student of
contemporary dance at the CNDC Angers in France. We are excited to
initiate our collaboration with her and hope all who are interested can
make it.


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