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January 22 2013 from 7 pm at Klit!

NO TAV movement started in 1990s and it is still one of the significant experience in Italy. In Budapest, in the end of February 2012, RoR mobilized a protest in front of Italian embassy to give support and solidarity to the comrades arrested few days before, and to those resisting the evictions in Susa Valley. Because of its broader implications, NO TAV protesters gained the support of ecologist, anarchist, left-wing movements all around Italy and Europe, and every episode of repression, such as indiscriminate arrests or evictions, becomes the input for occupation of highways, assemblies, public events in solidarity with Susa Valley, which is nowadays one of the most important movements in Italy. The neoliberal rhetoric is evidently unmasked as just a discourse of power. The connection of goods transport between Lisboa and Kiev, more than useless, has been unmasked too, as…

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