DEMO in Solidarity with Timea – March 20th 2012

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RQAC supports

DEMO in Solidarity with Timea


TUESDAY, March 20th, 12.30PM

In front of the Court (Fővárosi Bíróság): MARKÓ UTCA 27

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Organized by PATENT

(Association Against Patriarchy)

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The following are PATENT’s stated goals for this demo:
– demanding respectful treatment for victims of sexual violence
– to express solidarity with Timea

In a recent press release PATENT also stated that according to a 2008 survey conducted in 33 European countries, the rate of reporting sexual violence was the lowest in Hungary. They also stated that this is not surprising, given that in every sexual violence case that gets media coverage, the lawyer always uses myths and prejudices about sexual violence and questions the credibility of the woman, which violates her dignity and greatly discourages other women from taking legal action.

They also state that it is unacceptable that sexual violence is questioned by the lack of bruises on the woman’s body, because all professional material that deals with this topic documents that in most cases, there are no bodily bruises. A previous sexual relationship between two people cannot be used to deny sexual violence later, as statistics show that two thirds of these cases are committed by someone the person knows, and especially someone with whom the person has had a sexual relationship with before. Further, in most cases sexual violence is committed by a former partner, or during a break-up.


There are three offences Roland Damu has been charged with: rape, attempted severe bodily injury, and violation of personal liberty. He is an actor in a famous TV show, and a media personality. He was found guilty in September 2011 and that judgement sentenced him to 6 years at the first instance court. He also has to pay 1.2 million for court fees and is banned from public affairs for 6 years. Damu has appealed, and the second instance judgement (not hearing) will be given on Tuesday.

The case started 1.5 years ago, he was first taken into custody in November 2010 when Timea Palacsik – his then fiancée – reported him for sexual violence and bodily injury. Damu was fired from his job right away. He was suspended before as he once slapped a woman at a business party for taking his cab. He was also on probation once (in 2001) for beating his then girlfriend.

Medical experts found that rape cannot be proven as they did not find inner bruises that they should have had it been rape. Damu and his lawyers are using this argument and they appealed for a lighter judgement. In the second instance trials his lawyer had the scene acted by porn stars to prove Damu cannot be found guilty as intercourse is impossible in the position described by Timea, his ex-girlfriend. Damu’s lawyer first demanded that Damu and Timea act the scene at court. They also say Timea’s accounts were contradictory and she is not credible.

Damu is expecting the second instance judgement to be more favourable than the first one.

Internal sources say that Damu probably got this many years because there was evidence that he is aggressive and violent in general (see other instances) and not really because of the rape in this case.


Women rarely take cases to court in Hungary (lowest rate in Europe) when they experience sexual violence.

The treatment of women who report the perpetrators, is outrageous and humiliating – both by courts and also by the media.

Against the outrageous attitude of Damu and his lawyer.

Against Male Violence and Patriarchy

In solidarity with Timea.



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