March 8th 2012 RQAC – Actions

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March 8th 2012 RQAC supporting “A virág nem elég” (A Flower is Not Enough)


+ 8th of March Meeting in Siraly

We marched and danced and played with ROR Budapest and NANE in Blaha Lujza for the 8th of March.

We supported the fight against males violence on women, and the struggle against the social, economical, personal and political discriminations that the patriarchal system is still imposing on women because they are women.

We helped in organizing a transnational meeting at Siraly the same night, in which people shared their feelings and projects about feminism in the contemporary Hungary. We formed a new group with which we will collaborate to build up a grass-root action for the right of abortion and against the new definition of “life from the conception” stated in the hungarian constitution.

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Some pics:

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ROR Playing and Shouting:

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