Call for submissions: Language and censorship

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For all those who have been following our lovely Q? zine, you may have noticed that the previous issues did not really have a set theme; but now we are trying out something new! (just for the sake of shaking AND shaping it up a bit ;). The umbrella theme for the next issue is: language and censorship. Ways in which language acts as a tool of oppression, as a threat to the dominant order and as a means of liberation and creative subversion. We invite you to express your thoughts on the ways in which both language and silence have the power to perpetuate the existence of rigid social structures or to explode the boundaries exposing their fractures. Academic vs. non-academic jargon. Concept of queer?: potentiality of transgression or reification of hierarchies. Non-institutionalized means of resistance in public spaces: the voice and message of art.

The the “dead”line for submissions is: February 23rd, 2012.
DON’T forget, we welcome visual art, poetry, articles, reviews, interviews, rants, pictures and posters and any other form of expression and resistance.

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Hugs! 🙂

– rqac

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