Q? | Issue 1.1 | November 2011

Posted on 2011/11/19 by


The new issue of the zine is ready — enjoy!

Wonder Woman is our cover girl!

The web version: issue1-1-web.pdf

The printable version: issue1-1-print.pdf

Important notice! Do help us to print and distribute the zine. Give it to your friends, leave it in the library, at your university, on a table in a cafe, at your squat, anywhere you wish.

For those of you at CEU, you can also donate some of your printing quota to help us print/copy the next issue of the zine. (pretty please? =)) Write us at fork@riseup.net if this is something you would be happy to do.


A Brief Printing Guide:

1. Page Scaling –> “None”

2. Go to “Properties”

3. Orientation –> “Queer” … just kidding 😉 — “Landscape”

4. Binding –> Double-sided

5. Binding –> Left-bind

6. Print! Fold! Distribute!