CFS: The Coming Out Monologues

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Be part of the first ever „Coming Out Monologues” theatre performance at CEU!

Write your story, act, come! (OUT!)

Have you come out? Do you want to come out? Has someone come out to you? What do you think of coming out?

Tell us your story!

How did you come out to yourself?

How did you come out to friends, family, classmates, exes? Do you want to?

How have your friends, family members, classmates, exes come out to you?

What do you think of coming out? Liberating? Important? Scary? Overrated? A heteronormative concept?

Send us your stories!

We are expecting written pieces of max. 1200 words before Monday, 31 October. The stories will then be edited and turned into monologues, which students will perform at CEU in April. All ages, sexualities and gender identities are encouraged to submit. You may choose to remain anonymous. Please indicate if you would be up for acting your piece or others’ stories!

Send it to and write „The Coming Out Monologues” in the title.

Get creative, write, share, submit, become part of making LGBTQIA his/herstory!


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