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*IN SOLIDARITY* queer activists beaten by the police at Poznań Economic University (PL)



Police attacked demonstrators protesting against a lecture at the University of Economics in Poznan – they were beaten and tased while staging the protest. Three protesters were arrested (released now). All three were charged with assaulting police officers and trespassing on university territory. On the 5th of December catholic priest Professor Paweł Bortkiewicz delivered a […]

**Call for Solidarity! Call for Resources!** on Sexual Violence in Budapest



Dear comrades and allies, a while ago KLIT & Radical queer affinity collective got contacted from a survivor of a severe violence. A person who was not a hungarian citizen got violated on her way to visit Budapest. We had no other resources but our understanding to offer. That made us decide to act: we…

Pink Block 2013 – Call for Support // Gyere velünk a Rózsaszín Blokkba a 2013-as Budapest Pride-on!



Dear Comrades, We are writing to request support at this summer’s Budapest Pride that takes place on Saturday the 6th of July. The Radical Queer Affinity Collective (RQAC) and RoR Budapest would like to collaborate with you to create a Pink Block. What we envision: a well organized Pink Block, made up of autonomous groups […]



Magyar feminizmustörténeti kiállítás a KLIT könyvtárban, a KLIT Queer feminista közösség és a Nőkért Egyesület/nőké közös szervezésében,Megnyitó március 19-én kedden, 18 órakor. magyar és angol nyelven. Vendégek: Acsády Judit, Thun Éva, Elekes Irén Borbála. Moderátorok: Maria Morozova és Antoni Rita. Tolmácsolást biztosítunk. Találkozó a Pepita Oféliában (Klauzál tér 5.), ahonnan együtt átmegyünk a kiállítás helyszínére…

Make the abortion pill available in Hungary!



Please support this campaign with your signature.    English Translation: VIDEO TEXT: Women in Hungary have had their right to choose taken away. For decades, the choice between medical and surgical abortion has been available to millions of women around the world. As of September 2012 in Hungary, thanks to the administration’s political stance on […]



New Workshop! Come check it out, Wednesday, 20. February 2013 at 19.00: “Coming home to the body: grounding and empowerment through movement” KLIT invites you to participate in an exploratory dance workshop where we will seek to employ contemporary dance principles towards bodily empowerment. The workshop will focus on coming back home to the body,…



On Monday, 11 February 2013, KLIT opening hours and the movie screening will unfortunately not take place as scheduled. Student demonstrations will take place across Hungary, and many KLIT community members (particularly the Rhythms of Resistance) will take this opportunity to express solidarity with the student movement. For more information on the scheduled demonstrations, please see these…

Coming Out Monologues 2013 – Call for Submissions



REMEMBER???? Vegyél részt a “Coming Out Monológok” című előadás régen várt visszatérésében! Írd meg a történetedet, játsszd el, gyere el! (Bújj elő!) Te már előbújtál? Elő akarsz? Coming outolt már valaki más neked? Te mit gondolsz a coming outról? Mondd el nekünk a történeted! Te hogy jöttél rá? Hogyan coming outoltál barátoknak, családnak, osztálytársaknak, exeknek? […]

Call for Solidarity and Donations (Updated)



A CALL FOR SOLIDARITY AND DONATIONS KLIT: A Queer Feminist Community Space, Sex Shop, and Bookstore project by the Radical Queer Affinity Collective (Budapest, Hungary) Our collective recently received a small amount of funding to start a queer feminist space in Budapest, which will open this fall. This is the first project of its kind […]

report from Kelly Zullo’s concert (28.07.2012)



Pepita Ofélia Bár hosted RQAC’s first fundraising concert event of the year when Kelly Zullo visited us on July 28th. We are super excited to have met Kelly and to have brought her music to Budapest’s queer community. As both new and familiar faces shuffled in to the cozy basement space of Pepita, our new […]


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